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Result Oriented Digital Marketing Company
Nothing more. Nothing less. Just great digital marketing and honest hard work that puts you and your business first! In an industry with more noise than a trumpet store, we go above and beyond to make sure that our advice is clearly communicated to you and well-understood.

About TechGreaser

Across the globe, we bring everything together by creating the connections brands need to stay ahead and giving businesses a tangible advantage in today’s digital world.

At the heart of Techgreaser is an inherent belief that if we work together, treat one another with respect, and act in the best interest of our customers and team, we will succeed.

Techgreaser is made up of talented, driven, and compassionate people. Our culture is definitive and is carried through in every action and reaction.

We trust in our people to deliver thoughtful and strategic SEO Campaigns, Web & App Developments without the need for micromanagement or policy overkill. We believe in collaboration as a valuable weapon in our arsenal and treat each strategy as its own battlefield.

The Techgreaser methods are technical and steadfast but each interaction with us is personal, professional, and, at best, enjoyable.

An array of business formulation strategies

Revenue generation and user engagement plans

Charting company growth via new metrics

Establishing a strong foothold in the industry

Expertise in Diverse Business Verticals

Research & Planning

Our thoughtful research and planning strategy deliver the best long-term value by understanding your challenge and building a healthy relationship with our customers.

Communication Emphasis

All of our applications and designs will perform and look beautiful on any platform. We optimize for reliability and functionality.


  • We are dedicated to your success
  • We work tirelessly to reach goals
  • We take pride in driving results

Analytic & Optimization

Moving towards Digital, we ensure that each step taken towards the medium is measured with most advanced tracking methods which helps in creating funnels that yields high returns.

Our Services

We forage for latest innovations and techniques to cover the whole gamut of digital marketing to transform and propel your business forward.

Website Development

Your website speaks for you; thus, it should speak out loud. With our web development services in India, we ensure to build a portal that reaches to the masses, conveys message and attracts folk to be associated with your firm.


es, we agree that search engine optimization takes time to show results, as SEO is not a one-night miracle. The way a sapling needs time to grow and flourish from a seed to a tree, SEO strategies also need time to render fruitful results.

Social Media Marketing

Love it or hate, social media is pretty massive. So massive that 88% of all people have a social media account. And of this 88% of people, they are spending up to 2 hours a day on social media.

Local SEO

  1. Optimize Local Listings
  2. Create Citations
  3. Get Business Directory Listings
  4. Target Local Keywords
  5. Increase Traffic